Project Type Liquid Waste
Project Status Construction
Project Area Victoria
Contracted To / Performed By Windley Contracting Ltd.


The Wastewater Treatment Project includes the construction of a pipe which will transport wastewater from the Clover Point Pump Station to the McLoughlin Point Wastewater Treatment Plant. This pipe, which is referred to as the Clover Forcemain, will run along Dallas Road from Clover Point to Ogden Point, where it will connect to the Victoria cross-harbour undersea pipe.

Construction of the Clover Forcemain began in October 2018 and is anticipated to take approximately two years to complete.

The pipe will be installed in segments to minimize impacts to residents and traffic. The safety, access and movement of Victoria residents and tourists is a primary consideration. The contractor is required to consider the multiple users of Dallas Road and the impacts to vehicle traffic, cyclists and pedestrians, as well as parking and access to residences and businesses along Dallas Road. Traffic control measures will be implemented, and traffic control personnel will direct traffic when required.

The Clover Forcemain alignment was developed in collaboration with City of Victoria staff and considered protection of the bluffs, the location of mature trees and sensitive vegetation, and traffic impacts during construction.

The Project Team has engaged a multidisciplinary design engineering team with expertise in the fields of conveyance systems design, geotechnical and civil engineering, terrain analysis, marine construction and environmental analysis. This team reviewed the results of geotechnical investigations and previous studies including technical reports, and completed a geotechnical assessment. This assessment concluded the forcemain can be constructed in the Dallas Rd alignment and operated without having an adverse environmental or geotechnical impact on the Dallas Road bluffs.

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Additional Information

This project is being built as part of the Wastewater Treatment Project.