Project Type Water
Project Status Construction
Project Area Langford
Estimated Cost $9,000,000
Estimated Start Date 01-May-2015
Estimated End Date 28-Feb-2019
Estimated Duration 3.5 years
Contracted To / Performed By Tritech Group


The Capital Regional District (CRD) is upgrading the Japan Gulch Disinfection Facility (JGDF), located near the Goldstream River in the south-east portion of the Greater Victoria Water Supply Area. The facility is the primary water treatment plant for the Regional System.

Water Treatment Process

Water is treated using ultraviolet light followed by free chlorine and then ammonia to form chloramines (Chloramination). The primary ultraviolet light and free chlorination processes provide protection against biological contaminants, including bacteria, viruses and parasites. The secondary chloramine formation process provides a long term, stable secondary disinfectant as the water travels through the pipes in the water distribution system. Chloramination has been used by the CRD as a disinfectant since 1945.

The JGDF utilizes gaseous chlorine and ammonia dosing infrastructure for the treatment process; this infrastructure has been in use for over 30 years. Prior to initiating the capital reinvestment program a study was completed in 2012 that evaluated alternatives for upgrade of the existing facility and evaluated the proposed process against current industry practices. The result of this study shows that a new facility to replace the existing gaseous dosing with a liquid dosing system will provide the most benefits to the CRD.

Project Implementation

The project is being delivered using a design-build procurement strategy. This procurement strategy is considered appropriate for this type of facility and provides opportunity for innovation and reduces the risks to the CRD with respect to budget and schedule for the project. Under the design-build procurement strategy, Tritech has been awarded the contract. Construction started in spring 2017 and was complete in spring 2018. Full transition to the new liquid dosing system will be complete by winter 2018.

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