Setting the Park Boundary

The CRD is setting the boundary for the new Jordan River Regional Park. The CRD has held public consultations on the park boundary. Consultations included public meetings and discussions with the Pacheedaht and T’Sou-ke First Nations, who both expressed an interest in lands purchased by the CRD from Western Forest Products.

The CRD Board has determined which lands are deemed surplus and those lands which will be retained as parkland:

  • Lands north of Highway 14/West Coast Rd (see map at right) have been deemed surplus to regional park needs. These lands will be offered for sale to the Pacheedaht and T’Sou-ke First Nations. If First Nations do not acquire those surplus lands the CRD will consider other options.
  • Parcels JR5 and JR7 north of the highway (see map at right) are under consideration by the CRD Board.

Land Transfers

The park was established in 2010 when the CRD acquired approximately 180 hectares of land at Jordan River from Western Forest Products. The land was transferred over a three year period. The final parcels of land transferred to the CRD in December 2012.

Fast Facts

  • Established 2010
  • 181 Hectares
  • Purchase price $9.945 million
  • Purchased from Western Forest Products


BC Hydro to Purchase Lands at Jordan River

The CRD Board accepted an offer from BC Hydro to acquire lands and rights on lands affected by a potential flood inundation area at Jordan River for $3.13 million. Read more >>


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