Matthews Point Regional Park Management Plan

The CRD is developing a management plan for Matthews Point Regional Park on Galiano Island, to guide park management, development and use. Public involvement is an integral park of the management planning process.

Get Involved

There are two rounds of public engagement planned during the management plan process. As part of the first round, a public session is taking place on Saturday, November 18 on Galiano Island to gather input about the park environment, current visitor use patterns, and issues. The CRD wants to ensure that your interests are considered in the planning process. The information you provide will help the CRD prepare the management plan.

Feedback can be provided online from October 15 to December 3, 2017. There will be additional opportunities to provide input once the draft plan is prepared.

Purpose of a Management Plan

The management plan will guide conservation, development, operation and use of the park over the long term. It will provide strategic policy direction and specific priority actions for park management.

Key steps in the planning process:

  • Consultation to gather information and ideas (Underway)
  • Drafting the plan
  • Consultation on the draft plan
  • Finalizing the plan for approval
  • Implementing the management plan

About the Park

The 25 ha park is located on the south-east tip of Galiano Island. It is managed by CRD Regional Parks. The park is currently in reserve status with no official trails or visitor facilities, although some informal trails exist on site.


  • Steep bluffs with views of Active Pass
  • Significant diversity of ecosystems, including coastal bluff and cliff ecosystems, and older second-growth forest
  • A 400 metre stretch of sandy beach
  • Vibrant wildflowers in the spring