These programs include summer camps, pro-d day adventures as well as courses in gymnastics, music and horseback riding. Our camp and pro day activity programs are great opportunities to let your child play and learn in a safe environment.

Early Years (Birth - 5 years)

We are pleased to offer over programs for all ages of children birth to 5 years. Program include: Storyoga, music, dance, sports, skating, hockey and swimming.

School Age (6 - 12 years)

We are pleased to offer over programs for all ages of children 6 to 12 years. Program include., arts, crafts, music, dance, general interest, fitness, sports, racquet sports, skating, arena, swimming, aquatics and leadership.

Youth & Teen (12 - 18 years)

Our recreation programs are designed to get you out, active and having fun in a rewarding community setting. Meet new people, explore a new hobby and enjoy life long learning.

Adult (19 years+)

Many adult programs have a mimimum age of under 19 years. We are pleased to offer over programs for adults. Program include arts, crafts, music, dance, general interest, technology, outdoor recreation, sports, racquet sports, swimming, skating, arena, personal training, fitness, health, nutrition, rehabilitation, leadership, first aid, safety, aquatic and fitness training.

Elder College Activities (50 years+)

Elder College courses are different than traditional general interest courses. These courses are general interest programs for adults 50 years and better who still want to learn!

Leadership & Training

Panorama offers a variety of first aid and leadership courses including training to become a lifeguard, swimming instructor, camp leader or fitness instructor.


Panorama’s Active Exercise Rehabilitation program uses a new approach to overcoming the problems of injury recovery. Our modern, well equipped facility and experienced team of Kinesiologists, exercise rehabilitation specialists, Registered Massage Therapists, and Waterworks certified instructors provide comprehensive assessment and functional rehabilitation.