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    2015-2018 Board Priorities

    The CRD Board of Directors has adopted a comprehensive set of Strategic Priorities to guide the organization from 2015 – 2018. A total of 51 priorities have been identified for the organization including new direction under topics of Agricultural Lands & Food Security, First Nations and Active & Multi-Modal Transportation.  Read more >>

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    Are You a Watershed Warden?

    Did you know the CRD is home to 314 watersheds, many of which cross municipal boundaries? Check out our CRD Watershed Warden Badge Program that celebrates and rewards elementary school-aged kids and helps to protect our local watersheds. Write to Ollie the Otter (individually or as a group) about the good work children have done to protect the watershed and receive an official badge! Learn more >>

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    It's BBQ Season!

    Have you fired up the BBQ for the first time recently and noticed that your old propane tank needs recycling? There are a number of depots that will recycle them for free. Read more >>

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    Eastside Select Committee Seeks Public Feedback

    Fill out the Eastside Select Committee’s Survey to tell us what your priorities are for a sewage treatment facility. We are also hosting two siting workshops which will give you the chance to work with engineers, planners and community organizations to look at siting considerations and outcomes for wastewater treatment on the eastside. Read more >>


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