The largest park in the regional parks system, this vast wilderness area is a natural buffer for the Greater Victoria Water Supply Area and conserves regional biodiversity. The Sooke Hills Wilderness Trail within the park is part of The Great Trail route.

Size: 4090 ha
Location: Langford and Juan de Fuca Electoral Area
Established: 2017
Hours: Sunrise to Sunset


  • Sooke Hills Wilderness Trail (forms part of The Great Trail)
  • Timelapse video of the Goldstream River suspension bridge
  • Viewing platform at Waugh Creek Falls
  • Peaceful forest scenes and hilltop vistas

Things to Do

Sooke Hills Wilderness Trail offers outstanding hiking and cycling, and in some sections, horseback riding, that spans rivers, forests and hilltops. The 13km unpaved trail offers a unique wilderness experience as it travels through remote areas and wildlife habitat. The trail lies between the Humpback Reservoir and the Capital Regional District-Cowichan Valley Regional District boundary. Sooke Hills Wilderness Trail provides part of both The Great Trail and the Vancouver Island Spine Trail routes.

The Sooke Hills Wilderness Trail provides an opportunity to connect with nature; to experience and benefit from this natural landscape. The trail travels through both open areas and sheltered woodlands.

Rest at the viewing platform, 2.5 km from the trailhead, to take in the sights and sounds of Waugh Creek Falls, which flows forcefully in the winter and spring. From there, it is 0.5km to the suspension bridge across the Goldstream River.

The hilltop vistas of the surrounding mountains and Finlayson Arm are spectacular in the northern section. There are views of Greater Victoria in the distance. The views are the reward for the effort made to reach the top!

Equestrians are permitted on the north end of the trail at the Cowichan Valley Regional District-Capital Regional District boundary southwards for 4km.

There are steep grades up to 16%, narrow sections and rocky, gravel surfaces along the route.


There are 3 information kiosks, 2 toilets, a viewing platform and suspension bridge.

How to Get There

Follow the Trans-Canada Highway from Victoria, and turn left on West Shore Parkway. At the roundabout, take the 1st exit onto Amy Road and left on Sooke Lake Road. Turn left on Humpback Road. At the intersection with Irwin Road, stay right. Follow Humpback Road to the park entrance on the right. The park shares the parking lot with Mount Wells.

Allow approximately 30 minutes driving time from Victoria.

Photo Credit

© Image courtesy of Rick Eppler

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This Place is Wild: Use Caution

  • You are sharing this natural area with large carnivores such as bears, cougars, and wolves.
  • Stay alert. Wildlife may be in the area. Watch for signs such as tracks, claw marks on trees and scat.
  • Make noise to avoid surprise encounters, especially around blind corners and areas with dense vegetation.
  • Do not feed wildlife. Do not approach wildlife and keep at a safe viewing distance (30 to 100 metres).
  • Dogs must be kept on leash at all times to reduce the risk of encounters with large carnivores and to protect the water drinking supply.
  • Do not leave children or pets unattended.

Please conserve our Parks

  • Motorized vehicles, camping, open fires, smoking, and alcohol are prohibited.
  • Stay on the designated trail.
  • Public access to the Drinking Water Protection Zone and The Greater Victoria Water Supply Area is not permitted. Please respect the no public access areas within
    the park to help safeguard this vital resource.
  • Dogs must be on leash at all times.
  • Pick up after your pet.
  • Pack out all garbage.

Trail Habits

  • Keep right and anticipate other users along the trail. 
  • Slow down when around other trail users.
  • Alert others of your approach. 
  • Cyclists must yield to others.

Dog Restrictions

Dogs must be on leash at all times.

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