Students using active transportation for their daily school commute see improvements in their physical and mental health, social development and academic achievement.

Active school travel planning provides more students with the option to walk, bike, bus or roll to and from school. It examines infrastructure, enforcement and educational needs both on school grounds and surrounding neighbourhoods while also tackling traffic safety, air pollution and climate issues.

The 18-month program works collaboratively with multiple stakeholders including parents, students, school administration, school boards, transportation planners and engineers, public health agencies and law enforcement.


The five elementary schools participating in the 2019-2020 Ready Step Roll program are: George Jay, Keating, Lake Hill, Rogers and View Royal.

If you have any questions, please email Active School Travel Planning.

Active School Travel Plans 2016-2019

School Travel Plans summarize the school travel planning process, base-line and follow-up data, action plans and best routes maps for each school that has completed the program.