Financial Planning

The CRD follows a four-year service and financial planning process to ensure that resources are used efficiently and that services effectively meet the needs of residents, municipalities, electoral areas and First Nations. Each year, the CRD prepares audited financial statements in accordance with legislative requirements and present them at a public Board meeting.

Financial plans are driven by the work program priorities identified in the service planning process. Because each service that the CRD provides has its own budget and must be accounted for and reported on separately, the CRD Financial Plan consists of more than 200 individual service budgets, which fund delivery of regional, sub-regional and local services. The Financial Plan ensures consistency and alignment with the legislative authority of services, and, upon its approval, provides the expenditure authority for all CRD operations.


The Capital Regional District Board approved the 2013 Statements of Financial Information and the Audited Financial Statements of the Capital Regional District and Capital Regional Hospital District on June 11, 2014. Board approval of the Statements of Financial Information is required under the Local Government Act, Community Charter and Financial Information Act.

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Grants Dashboard

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