Project Type Remediation
Project Status Construction
Project Area Highlands
Estimated Start Date 01-Jan-2008
Contracted To / Performed By SNC-Lavalin Inc.


Current Status

In late November 2018, the CRD and its consultant, SNC Lavalin Inc., commenced continued investigations at Millstream Meadows.  As a result, you may notice more activity than usual.  The work will contribute meeting the province’s requirements and includes drilling, debris removal, excavator work, minor on site soil movement, and sampling of soil and groundwater.  The current scope of work will continue through February 2019.    


History - Millstream Meadows is located approximately 10km north-northwest of Victoria in the District of Highlands. Millstream Meadows is a 32 acre site used as an unregulated landfill for septic discharge dating from approximately 1941 to closure in 1985. The site was privately owned from early 1941 until 1972. The Province acquired, owned and operated the site for a brief time in 1974, and then transferred ownership to the Capital Regional District (CRD) in 1984.

The CRD and the provincial government, as potentially responsible persons, initiated site remediation in 2008 after monitoring results identified contamination on-site but downgradient of the former waste lagoons. The remediation work involved excavating most of the contaminated soils, disposing the material at permitted offsite facilities, backfilling the excavation with clean material and installing a groundwater recovery well. Prior to remediation, the site was deemed contaminated with the metals, hydrocarbons, household debris, construction refuse, auto parts, PCBs, sewage, and oily waste. Site conditions have improved since remediation commenced in 2008.

In 2007, as a precautionary measure that ensures public safety, the CRD instituted routine domestic well sampling and drinking water provision to residents near the site. Results have consistently shown that domestic well water quality is clean. These proactive safety measures continue to date. 

Provincial Partnership - The Province, the CRD and the District of Highlands have worked cooperatively on this brownfields project to return the property to public use. The CRD is taking the lead in the remediation program and costs are being shared in a 61%/39% split with the provincial government.

Environmental Planning & Current Activities - The CRD plans to obtain a Certificate of Compliance from the B.C. Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy (MOE). This certification will confirm full protection of human health and the environment and is in accordance with the Environmental Management Act and Contaminated Sites Regulation. To meet requirements, investigations and monitoring will be conducted at the Millstream Meadows site through ~2020. The results of these investigations will inform the scope and estimated timeline for project completion. SNC-Lavalin Inc. has been procured to provide environmental expertise in support of project goals and the CRDs approach is being vetted through the MOE.   

Future Land Use Planning - Once certified, the CRD and the Province intend to prepare the property for sale. In support for sale, the CRD initiated re-zoning to Commercial Industrial Land Use in 2015. The current zoning is Greenbelt 2 and permits one (1) residential house to be constructed on the lot. The re-zoning is in accordance with the District of Highlands Official Community Plan and is supported by the Province.

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