Project Type Liquid Waste
Project Status Construction
Project Area Saanich
Contracted To / Performed By Hartland Resource Management Group (HRMG)


Residual solids from the McLoughlin Point Wastewater Plant will be piped to the Residuals Treatment Facility at Hartland Landfill, where they will be treated and turned into what are known as Class A biosolids. These biosolids are a high quality by-product safe for beneficial use.

Hartland Resource Management Group (HRMG) has been selected to design, build, finance, operate and maintain the Residuals Treatment Facility over a 20-year term for the Wastewater Treatment Project. The capital cost of the Residuals Treatment Facility is $126.8 million.

Hartland Resource Management Group was selected by the Capital Regional District through a competitive selection process and is a consortium of experienced firms including:

  • Bird Construction Inc.;
  • Maple Reinders PPP Ltd.; and
  • Synagro Capital

Located within the footprint of the Hartland Landfill in Saanich, the facility site was selected in 2013, after an assessment of potential locations that included technical, environmental, social and economic considerations.

The Residuals Treatment Facility contract is performance-based, with payment tied to the quantity of residual solids treated. All treatment processing tanks will be covered and odour control systems will ensure there is no discernible odour in the community from the facility. Noise from the facility will be minimal and will comply with District of Saanich bylaws.

The dried Class A biosolids product will look like small granules and will be suitable for several beneficial uses, including as an alternate energy source. The beneficial use of the biosolids will be determined by the CRD through a separate competitive selection process.

A community engagement plan will ensure the surrounding community have advance notice of construction activity. Communication tools will include: project information line phone number, email, social media, website, community updates, construction bulletins, traffic media updates, door-to-door advisories where appropriate and community information meetings.

The Residuals Treatment Facility is being funded by P3 Canada, the Province of British Columbia and the Capital Regional District. Construction began spring 2018 and will take approximately 2.5 years to complete.


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This project is being built as part of the Wastewater Treatment Project.