RESOLVED: Winter weather conditions on Regional Trails

Feb 11, 2019 (updated Mar 04, 2019, 10:43am)

Crews have cleared paved areas of the Galloping Goose, E&N Rail Trail and Lochside and continue to monitor the trails.

  • The Galloping Goose is cleared from Selkirk Trestle out to Wale Rd.
  • E&N is cleared from Esquimalt Rd. to Atkins Rd. Savory School to Jacklin is also cleared.
  • Lochside is cleared from Switch Bridge to McKenzie Ave. All paved sections north of McKenzie are cleared. The paved sections include: McKenzie to Blenkinsop Greenway, Heritage Acres to Mt. Newton, areas within the Town of Sidney up to BC Ferries.
  • De-ice is added to the bridges and steep areas at these locations and crews continue to monitor.
  • The CRD does not clear non paved areas along the trails as it would remove the gravel and compromise the trail surface.