The quality of drinking water provided to customers in the Skana Water System is overseen by the CRD Water Quality Division. Water quality samples are collected by the Plant Operators and the data is stored in the Water Quality Division database.

Water Quality Division staff prepare a number of data summaries and water quality reports for the Skana Water System. These reports track drinking water quality against the limits listed in the BC Drinking Water Protection Regulation and the Canadian Drinking Water Quality Guidelines. All reports are posted in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format.

Monthly Water Quality Reports

Skana Water System
Monthly Reports * (Previous 4 Weeks)
Year-To-Date (YTD) Reports ** (Previous 12 Months)
Bacteriological Data Monthly Bacteriological Report YTD Bacteriological Report
Physical-Chemical Data YTD Physical-Chemical Report

* Monthly Bacteriological Reports are updated weekly and provide test results for the previous 4 weeks.

** Year-To-Date Reports are updated at the end of each month and provide a summary of the previous 12 months of data along with summary statistics for each sampling location.

Note 1. Bacteriological samples may not be collected each week from each location (in accordance with the sampling program). This means that some weeks may not have test results for a given parameter. In general, there is a two-week lag period before bacteriological results appear in the reports (time required to analyze and transfer the bacteriological data into the database).

Note 2. Explanation of Table Headings for Water Quality Reports

Periodic Water Quality Reports

Periodic Water Quality Reports provide water quality data for parameters that are tested periodically (i.e., quarterly, semi-annually, annually or on an 'As Required' basis). However, depending upon water system configuration, not all parameters are tested each year. If the report contains no data, it means the parameters were not tested during the reporting period shown near the top of the report.

Skana Water System
Year-To-Date (YTD) Reports for Periodically Tested Parameters *
(covers the most recent 12 month period)
Disinfection By-Products (THMs and HAAs) YTD DBP Report
Metals 1 (Aluminum to Copper) YTD Metals 1 Report **
Metals 2 (Iron to Zinc) YTD Metals 2 Report
Parasites (Giardia and Cryptosporidium) YTD Parasites Report

* YTD Reports for Periodically Tested Parameters are updated shortly after the end of every second month and provide a summary of test results for the most recent 12 month period.

** The metals were divided alphabetically into 2 groups to make the reports easier to read.

Annual Water Quality Reports and Data Tables

The annual drinking water quality reports for the Skana Water System provide a summary of the water quality test results of samples collected in accordance with the sampling program in place during that year.