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The Regional Growth Strategy (RGS) is a vision for the future of the capital region, guiding decisions on regional issues such as transportation, population growth and settlement patterns. The RGS promotes the long term livability of the region by enhancing social, economic and environmental performance. The existing RGS is currently being updated as part of a 5-year review process.

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At its January 11, 2017 meeting, the CRD Board amended the 2003 Regional Growth Strategy (RGS) bylaw to extend the Regional Urban Containment and Servicing Policy Area. The amendment is linked to a land swap and a broader economic development venture between Metchosin, Langford and the Beecher Bay First Nation (Sc’ianew). All 13 municipalities in the Capital Region have approved the amendment.

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The CRD is currently working to replace the 2003 RGS with an updated plan. That plan is now with municipal councils for approval. The last day for municipalities to approve the updated plan is February 2, 2017.

At its November 23, 2016 meeting, the CRD Board considered input from the public hearing, directed minor content changes and referred the Regional Growth Strategy (RGS) bylaw for municipal acceptance.

Referral for municipal acceptance is the last step in the provincially-mandated update process before the RGS bylaw can be adopted. The referral period is 60 days, beginning December 2, 2016. Before the CRD Board can adopt the RGS bylaw, it must be accepted by all municipalities; if acceptance cannot be reached, provincial legislation sets out a process for resolving outstanding matters.

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The Board also provided direction relating to water servicing and the Port Renfrew Comprehensive Community Development Plan.

2003 Regional Growth Strategy and Bylaw

The 2003 RGS includes land-use designations and eight strategic initiatives:

  1. Keep urban settlement compact
  2. Protect the integrity of rural communities
  3. Protect regional green and blue spaces
  4. Manage natural resources and the environment sustainably
  5. Build complete communities
  6. Improve housing affordability
  7. Increase transportation choice
  8. Strengthen the regional economy


Amendment to include the expansion of the Regional Urban Containment and Servicing Policy Area (RUCSPA) within the District of Highlands.

District of Central Saanich Regional Context Statement Amendment

Central Saanich Co-op Dispute Settled by Arbitrator

The 2012 dispute over the District of Central Saanich proposal to amend their regional context statement to accommodate the development of the Co-op supermarket was settled by the arbitrator appointed in the Final Proposal Arbitration process. The arbitrator decided in favour of the CRD proposal to leave the RCS intact and maintain the integrity of the planning and legislative framework under which the Region operates.


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