Project Type Water
Project Status Design
Project Area Southern Gulf Islands
Estimated Cost $460,000


The CRD is one of six water license holders tied to lands adjacent to Gardom Pond and held as part of the Pender Island Parks and Recreation Service. Gardom Pond has been classified as "high consequence" and in 2017 the water license holders agreed to decommission the pond.

The CRD has received $460,000 in federal and provincial grant funding through the National Disaster Mitigation Program (NDMP) for the decommissioning of Gardom Pond dam on Pender Island.

The decommissioning design lowers the existing level of Gardom Pond approximately two metres which maintains a water body while eliminating the risk of dam breach and subsequent downstream flooding. An environmental impact assessment of the lowering of the water level in Gardom Pond has been conducted and construction is anticipated to occur in summer 2019.

Decommissioning construction will involve modifications to the existing dam embankment and fortifying the existing stream outlet channel extending south to Harbour Hill Drive. The channel will be able to pass a 200-year period design flow and will be lined with large riprap and measure approximately 3m wide by 0.45m deep. The existing low-level outlet pipe extending through the dam embankment will be sealed with concrete. There will remain sufficient water volume in the decommissioned reservoir to satisfy fire protection provided by the Gardom Pond dry hydrant. Modifications to the existing 6” dry hydrant located on Gardom Lane directly to the west of the dam embankment are included.

Construction Update

A tender for the decommissioning works was issued on April 10, 2019 with an anticipated contract award in May 2019. Following the Notice to Proceed, the contractor will begin lowering the level of Gardom Pond prior to beginning the civil works. Construction is expected to occur from June to September 2019. 

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